What is the MUHG™ Procedure?

How Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Works

The ultimate benefit of Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is to always provide you, the patient, with the most natural appearance, the greatest density and the most comfort while permanently restoring your hair. When properly planned, this in-office medical procedure is designed to minimize the visual signs of progressive, long-term hair loss.

We do this by incorporating a blend of surgical technologies, along with an array of different-size grafts according to what best fits the individual patient's needs. This blend allows us to achieve the desired density and natural appearance expected by people today in the fewest visits possible, limiting inconvenience and cost.

Micro and macro multi-unit grafting involves transferring hairs as they are found in natural groupings. These multi-unit groupings are used to create a natural hairline that is consistent with the patient's age and realistic desires. This process is constrained only by the density and the quality of the hair in the patient's donor region, extremes in contrast between hair and scalp color, fine hair texture and limited curl. The grafts are inserted into pre-cut micro and mini slits that are strategically designed to aesthetically improve the density of your existing hair, lower the hairline, and fill in balding areas.

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