Hair Transplants

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The PAI Medical Procedure

The procedure typically takes from 3 to 5 hours to complete. During this time, multiples of thousands of hairs will be moved from your donor site to your thinning or balding area(s). Great care is taken to ensure that the procedure is completed in the shortest time possible because of hair attrition. Hair attrition is a condition where some of the hair that is transplanted "dies-off" before it is transplanted back into the scalp. Typically, procedures lasting longer than 6 hours result in a high percent of hair attrition.

During the hair transplant procedure permanent hairs are harvested from the back and sides of the head. Because of the overabundance of permanent hairs in these areas, removal of this hair does not negatively effect a patients look. A suture will be used to close the donor site. The suture is hidden under the hair in the back and sides (note: the suture may be more visible in patients with especially short hair). The suture is then removed ten days following the procedure.


The most common occurrence of hair loss on the scalp is a hereditary problem known as pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia and it generally causes loss on the top of the head. By nature, it is considered a progressive, degenerative problem. It is highly probable that if a person's parent experienced hair loss, the child will too.

Hair transplantation to the scalp is the most popular type of hair restoration procedure performed today; however, not all surgeons use the same techniques. PAI Medical Group uses a unique combination of MICRO, Follicular Unit and our trademarked Multi-Unit-Hair Grafting technique to transplant, in one procedure, as much as three times the number of hair than a typical Follicular Unit procedure. Patients look forward to a natural look with fewer procedures.

The PAI Medical Group Advantage:

  • Experience and Reputation- assisting over 11,000 men and women suffering with hair loss on the scalp, eyebrow and beard areas for over 13 years.
  • Multi-unit transplant procedure- maximizes results,more economical, more hair per procedure
  • Safe and Convenient - state of the art facility equipped with a highly trained medical team.

The Consultation - Know your Options

It's not always easy making that commitment to discuss your hair loss concerns with just anyone. We are not just anyone.

We are highly skilled experts in the field with over 13 years of experience in hair restoration only. We want to help guide you through the maze of super information so you can make an informed and educated choice to reclaim your confidence and restore your hair.

 A closer look

  • One of the largest centers in the southeast
  • A+ rating with BBB
  • Guaranteed results

Your Consultation Options

 Face to face: Make yourself comfortable in our state of the art medical facility as you meet with a trained expert to learn what is available and what is the best solution for you. Meet an actual patient, visit the facility; take this opportunity to have an intimate and private discussion about your hair loss, your concerns, and experience a complete hair and scalp analysis.

Virtual: We're just a click away. Log on with our in-house consultant from the comfort of your own home or office to find out what you need to know about your situation. Link up virtually with a highly trained medical consultant and talk about how your hair loss affects you. Together, map out what you would like to see in your future and how you want to get there. Webcam (optional). The virtual option allows you to send digital photos of your thinning areas via email, which helps us accurately diagnose your particular hair loss pattern, analyze your candidacy and suggest the best hair loss solution to meet your needs.

Self-Guided: This is a 24/7 option exclusively offered to you for the first time in the history of hair transplantation. You can access this option from anywhere in the world.

hair transplant sample

PAI Medical Hair Transplant Patient Jeff Ziegler and his dramatic before and after results.

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The hairs that are transplanted are cut very short before they are transplanted. The short hair and the attached papilla (hair seed) are then placed in the thinning or balding areas. Here they will begin to "take-root." Generally, the short hairs -not the hair seeds- will shed within a few weeks following the procedure. Then, the transplanted hair seeds we took out will begin making and growing new hairs. These new hairs will begin appearing 3 to 5 months after the procedure.

With PAI Medical Group's grafting procedures, there are no bandages attached after the procedure. Patients enjoy this sense of freedom and can immediately see the short hairs that have been transplanted.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting

While some people may not be candidates for hair transplantation, with new harvesting techniques, there are more people eligible for hair transplants than ever before. With PAI Medical Group's exclusive Multi-Unit Hair Graft™ procedure, more hair can be transplanted in a single procedure than "Follicular-unit" transplanting. For you, this means less time away from work, fewer procedures, and a smaller financial investment. Learn more about Multi-Unit Hair Grafting.

Finance Options

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