Plugs give transplants a bad name

Correct the "pluggy" transplants of yesteryear. You know, the ones that look like corn rows or a doll's head. These are poor examples in the history of hair restoration and are not natural looking nor attractive. The skilled physicians of PAI Medical Nashville take special care to reconstruct and soften unsightly results, utilizing the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure, which allows maximum results in minimal procedures.

Today's modern transplant eradicates the horrors or transplants of the past. If you feel stuck with a bad hair transplant, do not lose hope. The physicians at PAI can help correct your poor transplant and make right a wrong of the past.

The Hair Transplant Correction

  • All PAI doctors are members of ISHRS
  • Corrective procedures just take a few hours
  • Results in a permanent natural looking hair line you can be proud to show

194ransplant -Correction -Sample

PAI Medical Hair Transplant Correction Patient


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