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Beard hair transplants are typically performed on men who have spotty or patchy areas in their beards and/or mustaches. For many men a beard is a fashion statement, while for others, a beard may hide acne scars or help de-emphasize (or emphasize) certain facial features. Men with small or recessed chins will sometimes use a beard to enhance their features.

The beard transplant procedure typically takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete. During this time, hairs are harvested from the donor site in the back of the head. The hair seeds are then placed in the thinning or patchy areas of the beard. Because of the overabundance of permanent hairs in the donor area, this hair is typically not missed. 

Are you having trouble growing a proper beard? A full thick beard is a sure sign of masculinity. Some men are blessed with full, well-defined beards but many men are not. Too often men aren't able to grow a thick beard and/or mustache due to sparseness or scarring. Besides enduring the embarrassment of being teased by buddies, patchy beards and mustaches are just disappointing.

The Beard Transplant Rewards

  • Permanent Solution
  • Natural growth in a few month's time
  • Fuller, richer looking beard

beard -sample

PAI Medical Beard Transplant Patient - Before & After

A suture will be used to close the donor site. The suture is hidden under the hair in the back and sides (note: the suture may be visible in patients with especially short hair). The suture is then removed 10-days following the procedure. Within 2 to 3 months, the small hairs that were transplanted into the beard and/or mustache will begin to grow and fill in the thin areas or patchy spots. Some men may prefer additional procedures if the area of thinness is large or may want to add more bulk or thickness to the transplanted area. The pictures below illustrate one procedure, 4 months after the procedure was performed.

Beard transplant procedures are available at select locations in the US and in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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