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Choosing the Right Transplant Doctor

The complex part of hair transplantation is the artistry required by the surgeon. Expertise comes from very carefully creating the individual's look according to what is natural to their overall appearance. This may sound easy, but it is the most difficult part of the procedure because of the extreme variations in human appearance.

Everybody is different. For this reason every hair transplant will be different, and each and every aspect must be taken into account down to the finest detail. Everything from hair characteristics, including coarseness and color, to the shape of the individual's head and face and the color of their skin.

For example, different techniques must be used on an individual with black hair as opposed to one with blond hair (a much smaller variation in graft sizes must be used with the darker hair and lighter skin tone). Great skill is required to design and create a natural-looking hairline that is correct for the shape of your face and for your age, now and in the future.

Unfortunately, there are many companies and physicians in the hair restoration field who are unable to attain a natural result. However, at PAI, the surgeons have perfected this natural look with their fine attention to detail.